Whilst you stay with Humanity Social Housing, you will have your own room in a house which is shared with other people. We give everyone a Licence Agreement which tells you about your rights and responsibilities whilst you are with us. Your Licence Agreement also talks about the services we provide.


Humanity Housing staff are here to help. Our staff will give you advice, guidance and counseling while you live in a Humanity house where most people stay for between 1 and 2 years.


Life Skills


We provide advice, guidance and life skills training including assistance on education, training and employment matters.


Safety & Security


Our staff are responsible for ensuring that the house you live in is safe and secure and that it is properly equipped. You and the other people who live with you are responsible for keeping it clean and tidy.




If a problem occurs when our offices are closed you can contact our on-call service. You can find the number for this on the "Health & Safety Information Sheet" on the wall in your house which also tells you other things like how to turn the water or gas or electricity off in your house.




If any repairs need to be done to your house you must call the office on 01724 865985 and let us know. We will tell you how long we think the repair will take and when we will be coming to do it.


Welfare Benefits


We will help you apply for the benefits you are entitled to and we will work with you if there are problems getting the housing and other benefits sorted out.


We Promise


We will support you to make friends and find out about the community in which we live.


We will treat you and your right to privacy with respect.


We will provide you with the information and support your need to make decisions and choices.


We will give you every opportunity to have a say in how things are run by Humanity Social Housing.


We will keep any information we have about you confidential except in situations we have agreed with you that this information can be shared.


We will do our best to respond quickly and accurately to any queries or calls you make.





















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